• Is your site secure?
  • Can I get a catalog in the mail?
  • Why don't you answer my email?
  • Why was my card declined?
  • What is a CVS code?
  • What are my options for payment method?
  • How soon will I get my order?
  • What's a "business day?"
  • Do you have a money-back guarantee?
  • I don't see the size I want. Does that mean you don't have it?
  • I need a half size but...
  • I don't see the color I want. Does that mean you don't have it?
  • The shoes I received are too small...
  • How can I save items for shopping later?
  • I'm getting an error about cookies...
  • I want to send a gift...
  • I don't want anyone to see my package...
  • I need to return something...
  • Why do I have to pay return shipping for exchanges?
  • An item on my order was out of stock, when will I get credited?
  • When will I see a credit to my card for returned items?
  • I want to ship to a military APO
  • How do I use my in-store credit?
  • Why don't I have an order confirmation email or a tracking number email?
  • How much does it cost to ship to my country?

Is your site secure?
Our site uses state of the art 256 bit encryption technology at the point where you are required to enter your billing information. You can check our secure certificate status by clicking on the VeriSign emblem on our home page.
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Can I get a catalog in the mail?
We don't offer a print catalog at this time. Because our stock changes daily, a printed catalog is very impractical. You can always find our current products on our web site.
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Why don't you answer my email?
We make every attempt to answer all email we receive within 24 hours, however, there are times when this is not possible. For example, extended holiday weekends may cause a delay in email response. During Very high volume shopping seasons like Halloween and Valentine's day there may also be delays in response due to the sheer volume of email we receive during those times. Please be sure you are using an accurate and valid email address when contacting us - about 25% of all our replies to inquiries bounce back either for invalid email address or some other mailbox setting on the receiver's end. If you use spam filters and junk mail sorters, you may not receive our replies, nor your tracking email.
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Why was my card declined?
Credit card charges are processed in real time through our secure web server. If your issuing bank declines the charge, check to make sure your billing address information is correct, your expiration date is correct (and not expired) and that you correctly identified and entered the CVS security code on the card. This is required information to ensure that the person placing the order is indeed holding the card. If you are using a debit card, the funds required for the purchase have to be on hand in your account. If all your information is correct, you should contact the issuing bank to find out why the purchase was declined, as we have no way of knowing.
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What is a CVS code?
For additional security, credit card companies put additional numbers on the actual credit card itself. On the American Express card, this number is recorded as four digits in very small writing above the last few digits of the card number. On Visa, Master Card and Discovercards, this number is recorded on the back of the card, near the signature panel and it normally consists of three digits that appear after the last four digits of your card number.
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What are my options for payment method?
We currently accept payment from all major credit cards, Paypal, Money Order or Cashier's Check. For payments using Paypal E-Check, your order is shipped when we are notified that the electronic check has cleared. For orders paid by Money Order or Cashier's Check, your order is shipped with the payment arrives. Some credit card orders may be held while we verify cardholder information. We do not accept personal checks.
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How soon will I get my order?
During busy gift-giving seasons, there may be unavoidable delays in processing your order. Please order early.

Under normal circumstances, most of our orders are processed within 24-48 hours of receiving them. During peak seasons like Halloween, orders will require an additional few days to be processed. Orders received after 2PM Central (noon during October) will be processed the following morning, and orders received over the weekend are processed on Monday, as our shippers do not pick up packages over the weekend. There are other factors that can delay your order, like CVS code failures and other discrepancies in your purchase that might result in an address verification error. Any order that does not clear the credit card company's address verification system will be held for further investigation before processing can continue, so be sure when you place a credit card order that you enter your billing address exactly as it appears on your bank statement. Orders placed using the Money Order option or e-check through Paypal (as opposed to credit card through Paypal) will not be pulled for processing until the payment arrives in our office.

Our warehouse is located in Dallas, TX, where we stock over 100,000 pairs of shoes. On occasion, we might have to pull the shoes you ordered from one of our retail locations, which may cause a delay in fulfilling your order. Once the purchase is verified as legitimate and the order is pulled, it's up to the shipper and the shipping method you chose as to how long it will be before your package arrives at your door. When figuring transit time, Carriers do not count the day of initial pickup, Sundays or holidays. An order shipped on Friday with Next Day delivery will be received on Monday unless you choose 1 Day Saturday and pay an additional fee for Saturday delivery. Only orders shipped on Friday can qualify for 1 Day Saturday delivery. An order shipped on Thursday for 2 Day Delivery will be received on Monday because the first transit day on all non-1 Day deliveries doesn't start until the day after the shipment is picked up. Yes, it's confusing, but typically the first transit day is the day AFTER the package has left our warehouse. The carrier will email you a tracking number when your order is shipped out if you have provided a valid email address and your email filters do not cause it to be blocked. Some international shipping methods, like Air Mail, do not provide package tracking services once the package leaves the US.

Please be advised that shipping times are only transit time - these do not include the time it takes to pull, inspect, pack and process an order.

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What's a "business day?"
Business Days are generally Monday through Friday, non-holiday weekdays. Many banks and shippers do not transact business or make deliveries or pick-ups on non-business days.
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Do you have a money-back guarantee?
If you are not happy with your purchase, see our returns page where you will find all the info you need to send back your items. Please check your order when it arrives as returns will only be processed within 10 days of you receiving your items. Hosiery, lingerie, swimsuits, wigs, eyelashes and some costumes are considered intimate apparel and are not eligible for return due to health regulations. If you have a manufacturer's defect to report, you can return you item for review and we will verify that the product is defective. Refused orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee, so please use our return procedures.
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I don't see the size I want. Does that mean you don't have it?
We update the size availability on a regular basis on the web site. If you are looking at the shoe you want and don't see the size you need in the list, then that shoe is not available in that size, but perhaps another color or similar style is. Try searching our catalog.
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I need a half size but . .
Some styles of shoes are not available in half size or we might be out of stock. If you plan to order a full size, keep in mind that in an open-toed shoe, you should go down to the next full size rather than up, otherwise your foot will slide through too far. If in doubt, you can measure your foot from heel to toe and check the size chart for the nearest whole size that is no smaller than your foot.
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I don't see the color I want. Does that mean you don't have it?
Sometimes shoes of the same style in different colors have their own stock numbers so when you check the color list on the shoe you're looking at, you may not see other colors available. Try putting the name or ID number of the shoe in our search field - for example, if you're looking at the shoe 02 and you want to know if that show is available in any other colors besides those listed, try entering "02-" in the search field to see if there are other shoe styles with the same root product number, like 02-P.
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The shoes I received are too small. . .
You will want to try walking in the shoe. Some styles are designed to fit tighter than others. Most dress shoes will not fit properly if tried on with socks, or even bare feet, rather than stockings. If your shoes still do not fit properly, please see the returns page and follow the instructions there
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How can I save items for shopping later?
You may add items to your cart while you shop around, even if you haven't made your final decision yet. You will have an opportunity to change the contents of your cart once you head to the checkout. Items will remain in the cart for a few days, and this depends on the settings in your internet browser. Keep in mind, however, that placing an item in the cart does not reserve it for you. If you leave your order in their for a few days and place the order, then the items you ordered might no longer be available when we pull the order.
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I'm getting an error about cookies . . .
In order for most shopping carts on the internet to work correctly, you must have a feature known as "cookies" enabled in your browser. This allows our server to keep your shopping cart separate from the carts of the other shoppers who are also on the site. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can enable cookies by clicking on Tools in the top menu bar and choosing Internet Options and clicking on the Privacy tab - slide the slider down to "Low" in order to enable cookie usage for most e-commerce sites. If you use another browser, you need to check your security or privacy settings to make sure cookies are enabled before you can use our shopping cart.
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I want to send a gift . . .
You can send items as gifts by turning off the check box on the order form that says "Check this box if billing address is the same as shipping address" and enter the SHIPPING information first. You will then be prompted to enter the billing information that corresponds to that of your credit card. In order to protect ourselves and our customers against credit card fraud, we do call for verification on these orders.
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I don't want anyone to see my package . . .
We ship discreetly in carrier shipping boxes, Postal Service boxes or plain brown packing boxes. Under normal circumstances, you should never receive a box with our logo on it. The packing label will read the shipper as E.B. Shipping and our company address.
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I need to return something . . .
Please check any order as soon as they arrive as our return policy states that we will not accept returns 10 days after the day your receive the package. If you find that you would like to return any of the items from your order please see our returns page.

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Why do I have to pay return shipping?
There's a reason our prices are low - we don't lump in potential shipping charges with the cost of the items - you buy just the items, then you pay for the shipping option you want to use. It's that simple. Many places tack on extra charges as well, to cover the costs of boxes, packing material and the labor involved in pulling, packing, and shipping your order. We don't do that. However, because we don't make up for shipping in the price of our items, we can't cover the cost of you shipping the merchandise back to us.
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An item on my order was Out of Stock, when will I get credited?
We try to credit orders back as soon as possible when we don't have items in stock. The average time to receive your credit back is one or two days, however sometimes it can take up to 7 days to credit your card back and have it show up on your account.
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When will I see a credit to my card for returned items?
We make every effort to have credits issued to your card as soon as we can. It may take anywhere from 2 to 14 business days from the time we actually receive a returned item to issue your credit. Keep in mind that due to processing methods that vary from bank to bank, we have no way of knowing when you will actually get the credit we have issued. Some banks process these credits right away; others will process credits sometimes as long as three business days after we've issued them.
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I want to ship to a Military APO
For orders that require delivery to a Military APO address, select your items and choose "Checkout U.S." as the cart you wish to use. On the shipping info screen, enter the correct APO address in the shipping address for your delivery, choose the proper destination from the "state" list (AA, AE, or AP), and choose Priority Mail as your carrier. Non-USPS carriers cannot deliver to military addresses so only choose USPS delivery options. For credit card purchases, be sure to enter in the correct billing address on the following screen exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. If your billing address is different from the shipping address, be sure to uncheck the box in the first order entry screen so that you can enter a separate billing address.
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How can I use my in-store credit?
If you have an in-store credit or a discount memo from a return or exchange, you can use it by simply placing a regular order on our web site and refer to your in-store credit or discount by means of the RA number or original order number in the shipping comments box so that we can look up your credit. Because of the way orders are forwarded to the warehouse, you must place a credit card order - the amount of the in-store credit will be refunded back to this new purchase once the order is filled.
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Why don't I have an order confirmation email or a tracking number email?
If you are an AOL user or use some other form of email filtering, please check the security features on your email filter. In some instances, most notably on AOL, the maximum security email filter will not accept email from any top-level domains that you have not entered into a "safe" list. If you don't manually enter electriqueboutique.com, ups.com, or usps.com into that sort of filter, you will not receive emails from those domains.
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How much does it cost to ship to my country?
The easiest way to see what we charge to ship an international order is to place the items you want into the shopping cart and choose to check out international. Choose you country in the shipping form and you will be able to see the shipping costs in the shipping option drop down for whatever services are available to you.

Shipping international orders can be a challenge - one of the things that sets Electrique Boutique apart from other sites is our willingness to ship international orders. There are some things that the international customer needs to be aware of before placing an import order. First, you should assume that you will have to pay import taxes on your order. We can neither control nor predict these costs. To find out what charges your order may be subject to, you need to contact the customs authorities in your area. We will not alter the value of a package to a lower value; claims for lost or missing packages are based on the declared customs value - we cannot send you a $50 shoe marked with a value of $10 for the sake of lower import duties.

You should also be aware that international shipments returned to us for non-payment of duties will be refunded as a refused delivery, and assessed a 25% restocking fee. Please make your import duty inquiries before you place your order, not after the customs office has billed you for your import.

Additionally, you should be aware of the difference in shipping methods. We recommend our Expedited or Express for most international orders because this is a trackable delivery method. Air Mail is not trackable. US Postal regulations require that a package be "missing" for 30 days after its latest possible delivery date before a claim can be filed for, therefore if an Air Mail package goes missing, it will be an average of 8 weeks before we can even file a claim on it. Resolution of these claims can take up to 120 days from the time the order was supposed to have been delivered. In some cases we will upgrade the shipping to a different carrier method at our expense.

Keep in mind that some delivery services in the destination country charge an additional fee for delivery - for example, in the UK, Parcel Force charges 8£ as a base delivery fee. In Canada, there is a brokerage fee charged for some international shipping methods. These fees are in addition to duties and taxes.
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